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Biffar windows

Windows are the eyes of your house. They give it character and soul.
But windows also have other important tasks. They have protected your home against wind, bad weather, noise, dirt and above all, against uninvited guests.

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Energy saving with thermal insulation

Windows with especially good thermal insulation are not only evironmentally friendly but ensure that in summer the heat is kept outside and that in winter the warmth is kept inside - all of which will reduce your energy costs. With out windows the space between the panes of glass is filled with natural gas and the windows themselves fitted with insulating rims. So you avoid energy loss and the build-up of condensation. A concept, which means out thermal insulation windows, can also be used in the construction of low energy-buildings.

Better quality of life with sound absorption

Whoever lives on a very busy road or near other noisy locations appreciates the advantages of sound absorbing windows. With Biffar, if you wish, you can get windows, that have been tested to the highest sound protection standards. So even in busy areas, you can reduce the noise level in your home or apartment to a level acceptable for normal and healthy living.